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Quick Facts

  • When: Monday, October 7, 2019
  • 10:00 am - Registration & Player Practice
  • 11:00 am - Boxed lunch
  • 11:30 am - Rules Briefing by NCGA Officials
  • 12:00 pm - 18 Hole Tournament Play (Shotgun Start)
  • 5:00 pm - NCGA Scoring & Rules Address
  • 6:00 pm - Shoot Out & Cocktail Reception
  • 7:30 pm - Awards Ceremony & Afterglow Party

  • Where: Stanford Golf Course 198 Junipero Boulevard Stanford, CA 94305

  • Who: 5 Person teams which in the past have included leaders in technology, finance, politics, and sports

  • Format: One-day two net best-ball handicap competition; the top eight teams from the round of 18 plus one Wild Card team advance to the final Shoot Out. Handicaps not to exceed 18.

  • Charity Prize: $125,000*
    (* Dependent on number of teams entered)

  • Winnings: Charity prize winnings will be donated directly to winning teams’ pre-designated charity of choice

  • Television Broadcast: NBC Sports Bay Area (1 Hour program after the event)

  • Sanctioning Bodies: USGA and NCGA

Format & Rules

The Silicon Valley Golf Challenge is a highly competitive one day charity driven golf event. Approximately 21-23 corporate teams participate in an 18 hole 2 net best ball 18 hole round followed by the $125,000 Shoot Out. The NCGA monitors all play as well as handicap verification. Teams will be comprised of five players each.

At the conclusion of play (18 holes), the top 8 finishing teams plus 1 wild card will advance to the $125,000 Shoot Out. In the event of a tie, the NCGA will determine tie-breaks by using their traditional format of matching scorecards based on the back nine holes starting with the 18th hole.

  • The lowest team score of the 18 hole 2 net best ball round automatically advances to semi-final alternate shot portion of the Challenge Shoot Out and is exempt from the Chip-Off
  • The next 2-8 teams with the next lowest 2 net best ball scores qualify for the Chip-off
  • Teams not finishing in the top 8 of the 18 hole round compete in the Gag-a-thon (TM), a team putt off for a wild card spot in the Chip-Off
Gag-a-thon (TM)*:
  • The Gag-a-thon (TM) is a unique format to the Silicon Valley Golf Challenge which allows non-qualifying teams from the 18 hole round a last chance to qualify for the $125,000 Shoot Out
  • Putting order will be determined in order of finish from the 18 hole round with the last place team from the 18 hole round putting first
  • The Gag-a-thon (TM) format consists of a sudden death 3 foot, 6 foot and 9 foot putt in an alternate shot format
  • In the event of a tie, there will be a closest to the pin tie-breaking long putt
  • Top finishing teams 2-7 from the 18 hole round plus the Gag-a-thon (TM) winner will compete in the Chip-Off
  • Each team plays in their pre-designated alternate shot rotation to an NCGA selected pin location on the 18th green
  • The top 4 teams with chips closest to the hole move on to the semi-final portion of the Shoot Out and join the winner of the 18 hole round
  • In the event of a tie, an additional chip shot from a new NCGA designated location will determine which team advances based on shot closest to the hole
  • Teams not advancing will have their finish (5th-9th) based on distance from the hole
  • The top 4 finishing teams from the Chip-off are joined by the winner of the 2 net best ball 18 hole round
  • Teams play in a “ horse race” style format starting 153 yards out on the 18th hole fairway playing into the 18th green
  • Player rotation continues from the Chip-Off with the player next in rotation hitting the wedge into the 18th green
  • Team finish is based on lowest hole scores and teams with the two lowest scores advance to the finals
  • In the event of a tie, tied teams chip-off and play out the hole and best scores determine which team(s) advance to the finals
  • If a tie still exists, the tied teams make a long putt and closest to the hole advances to the finals
  • The order of finish for 3rd through 5th place will be based on scores
  • The remaining 2 teams will go back to the same location 153 yards out on the 18th fairway and continue their alternate shot rotation
  • The winner of the Silicon Valley Golf Challenge will be determined by lowest score into the hole
  • In the event of a tie, teams will chip-off and play out the hole from an NCGA pre-determined location and the lowest score determines the winning team.
  • If a tie still exists, tied teams make a long putt and closest to the hole determines the winner
  • Awards Ceremony to follow


  • *GAG-A-THON is a trademark of Van Dillen Partners. All rights to this mark are reserved.



NCGA Oversight

The NCGA will be the official ruling body of the Challenge. The NCGA will commence the tournament with reading of the rules, which will also be further addressed prior to the Shoot Out. As the official ruling body of the Challenge, they monitor rules of competition, verify player handicaps, provide course marshals and are the official scorekeepers. At the conclusion of play (18 holes per team), team captains will be required to turn in their team’s scorecard to the designated NCGA official. Scorecards must be completed with two team player signatures and must be legible in order to be considered official.

USGA Handicap Index

The NCGA requires that all Silicon Valley Golf Challenge participants provide their NCGA/GHIN numbers and home club name to van Dillen Partners prior to the tournament. The NCGA will authorize and then assign each player a Course Handicap. If a player does not belong to a GHIN association, they must provide their home association and home club name so NCGA officials can verify participants’ Index. All players will be capped at a Course Handicap of 18. Players with an Index that computes to a higher Course Handicap of 18 can still participate but must play to a Course Handicap of 18. September Indexes will be used and play will be at 90 percent of the course Handicap for men and 95 percent for women. Players without an established Handicap Index can participate but will play to a Course handicap of 10.

USGA Amateur Status Guidelines

In an effort to protect the amateur status of Challenge participants, van Dillen Partners works closely with the United States Golf Association (USGA). All players must sign a waiver at registration the morning of the tournament. In accordance with the Director of Amateur Status, and Rules of Golf USGA: “All players, both amateurs and professionals, are not eligible to receive any cash prizes. All cash prizes will be awarded by the sponsors to the suggested charities. In lieu of accepting prize money, you may suggest a specific charity to receive the money from van Dillen Partners. Monies will be distributed by Schwab Charitable Fund – van Dillen Partners Fund.”